Rites of Passage

The End That Begins

Dear… well, Dear Dad,

It’s funny. Most of my life I haven’t really missed you. I know you are out there, I know I will meet you some day, I know you love me and that life it just complicated… but… there are some points in a girl’s life that she just wants her Daddy. This is one of them, for so many reasons. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Uncle Errol has done a great job and I never have felt abandoned or anything like that, but I just don’t feel like I can talk to him about everything.
So… where do I start… probably Tivon. Fucking ass hole. So, I was a stupid girl and made a mistake. I was on my way to recover from this mistake and put it behind me. Then he shows up, now working for some suit, talking about wanting more out of life and then tries to say sorry. Like sorry is suppose to fucking fix it. I mean, I have known him since I was like 5. There wasn’t anyone out there that I felt that connected to. He was my best friend and I thought if I could trust anyone it was him. Then everything went down and that trust was destroyed. So by random happenstance he came back into my life and tried to apologise. I am not sure this is one of those things you can say sorry and it makes it better. I mean, I wasn’t in love with him, but he was my best friend so I did love him on some level… and then he ripped my heart out. I think I am allowed to still be bitter and hurt. But I guess that will work itself out. He works for my Alpha so it is not like I can really kick him out of my life now I guess…
So, on that note. My Alpha. Calliope. She is… weird. I will get to that but lets cover what happened this last month.
So it started on a Saturday Morning. I had just gotten done with breakfast when this guy in a suit pokes his head around the corner into Uncle Errol’s and mine “apartment”. Uncle Errol was about to totally rip this guys face off until I heard Calliope’s voice coming down the subway. She came in and looked around. I am not the best at reading people, cause her face went from a “ooookkkk” to what I could swear was fucking excitement. She started going on at how I was an anime character or something and how the fact that Uncle Errol’s face was all scared made him look like so and so… I couldn’t follow her… like I said, my Alpha is weird… and I am pretty sure a little crazy.
So after a bit of back and forth he convince Uncle Errol to take “Rico” on a tour. He can handle a veiled body guard. He took him to “Jimmy’s”. Jimmy’s is the closest thing this place has to a bar. Jimmy makes his own booze and put a board up that he serves from.
Anyways, so she gave me a cell phone… I don’t know what he fuck to do with it, but she gave me one. She said it is for us to keep in touch. I guess I will figure it out. Then she started telling me about this guy that was trying to do business with her dad. Her dad hadn’t said yes yet and was leaning against the idea but Calliope said something about the guy just didn’t set right with her after everything we went through. She knew where his offices were and wanted me to “look around”. I agreed and made up some bull shit excuse of slumber party to Uncle. He didn’t care to much, he had a new ear to hear stories and a full glass. We waited until dark before I showed her how to catch a ride on a passing train and we made our way to the place. On the outside it looked like a normal high rise. But something about it make my skin crawl. I found my way to the garbage shoot and worked my way up. It is not a talent that I like to brag about but it can get the job done. I transferred from shoot to air duct and made my way through the building. Then the smell hit me. I can’t even fucking describe it adequately. It was like an ostrich laid an egg, stuck it up the ass of an elephant, let it sit there until it was crapped out and broke on the ground… no, that is still not bad enough. I looked through the grate to the research lab and saw these creatures in glass cages.

Family Ties
The Ties That Bind

Kaiden Reid

Pinecones. She said her name was Pinecones. What did I expect her to say, Angela? She was a a lost dog. A garou that didn’t know her own nature. I snapped a quick photo with the group as we drove down the freeway, a bit rustled up from the previous day but somehow all of that was behind us. I was halfway through pulling out my camera to show her some of the places that we had been when my world was turned upside down. I remember the strange feeling of vertigo and everyone around me looked a bit confused .. and then nothing …

The first time I woke up to Steven’s careless & ignorant comment about Levi’s mother. Shocked into action I grabbed him before Levi could get to him. I put him in the loop and then shook my head regaining my composure. We were sprawled about in a tall grassy glade that spread out into a wide plains. A sea of green blades swaying gently in the breeze, heaven. Joseph turned to us and explained that he had been there before, that it was a dream of his, that we were all somehow dreaming, and that we were sharing our dream. Pinecones wasn’t there and as we all looked at each other nervously my head throbbed. I remember a dark cloud flooding through my mind and a visceral cold chilling me to the bone. A strange crinos covered in blood was feasting on something and as it drank deeply from the creatures neck I remember a strange feeling of unease in my stomach. I felt full. The fog disappeared as quickly as it had shown up and Joseph pointed out a deer a little ways off into the distance. “Whenever I come here, hunting always calms me down.”, he said innocently a smile poking out from the melancholy on his face. We looked to Levi in unison and then we all looked at the deer. For the first time since that fateful night almost two weeks ago I felt elation and together we ran through the fields. A synchronized effort so brutally efficient I wished it would have lasted forever. Our pack feasted on the deer as the sun set in the skies and soon Lune shined down upon us. A fire crackled behind our pleasant conversation and a small figure crept into the clearing where we were. The skies swirled above us and that night we were gifted with something truly magical. He never told us his name but somehow I knew he was there to help.

The second time I woke up to a tragic sight. A strong and regal garou stood on bloodied legs clutching a massive stone sword. It seemed as though courage and tenacity were the only things holding him together and with a stubborn gait he approached us introducing himself as Bite of Wind, and honored elder of the Sept of the Winter Wolf. He looked at each one of us in turn and when he spoke somehow he raised our spirits. He never spoke the words but we all knew that he had reached the end of his journey and as I looked into his eyes for the last time across the small wooden clearing I acquiesced to his request. We faced off for but a moment before he returned to the earth. A single tear fell from my eye and my heart welled up. In a tempest my spirit surged through my body and cried out. As the feeling left my lips a sorrowful dirge filled the air above us and was echoed from just north of us. Solemnly we trudged on through the woods and finally we reached the Sept to deliver our news. Bite of Wind’s son Ice Dagger, a rather imposing figure ushered us to the elder council. When we explained ourselves the Elders had mixed reactions. We didn’t need to look at each other to know that we would have all traded our lives for the pup’s at that moment but before we could speak our piece Levi’s father Khaldun, Races the Dark, appeared out of nowhere. He explained himself and begged the council for responsibility, requesting the Rite of the Omega Wolf. In some twist of fate his sentence was left to us and after a grueling two minutes reluctantly Levi faced his feelings, his soul, and his past. I didn’t know what was going to happen, and to be honest I thought for a moment that my body would give out but with a great sadness and compassion Levi granted his father’s wish.

That should be the end of the story. Something so tragic and sad should be given time. Broken hearts are hard to mend but life goes on as they say, and so .. minutes later we warned the Sept of the coming threat to the north and they told us about our stranded pack. Thank god they were alive.

- K.R.

Going Native

Dear Diary,

I give up, I am going cliche, at this point I don’t know how else to start these things. Lets start with how royally pissed I am. No, correction, pissed does not describe what I am feeling. Actually, I can’t describe what I am feeling. It is a rather mixed bag. But I get ahead of myself to explain why I am in this place.
So it started waking up in the woods. The night before had been a rather reflective one so I was kinda in a “place” if you would. I can’t explain it, but I was connected a lot more to my newer self. So after waking up I got this sense that a wolf pack was coming towards us. Not like werewolves, but just a wolf pack. I just kinda wanted to know more about them. I mean, it just felt special or something that I was there with the opportunity to interact with them. So I played smart and showed a little submission as to not confuse the situation. I felt a connection with them and… well… just kinda kept on wanting to know more. So I watch them and interacted with them and ask them about hunting. They taught Cain how to harry prey and in turn she taught us. In all honesty, with the mood I was in, I could have spent a week with them…
But as life has seen to be as of wake, something like that could not fucking be possible. We woke up to the pack sensing danger. We ran with them towards it to find this huge fucking Wyrm tainted bear. Cain and Sina went instantly into action to attack. I followed suit, though I do have to admit I am more of second line of defense more than first. I am a little glad Calliope was not there and was apparently in town, cause what was to follow I am not really sure how she would handle. So Sina and Cain went attack mode, I tried to help, and realized the Eilene was not there. I went to the Umbra to make sure she was ok… and met Rose. *sigh … I should just start asking her every time I run into her who she is at this fucking point. It is not that I am against it, it is just… I like to know who I am working with… helps me know how to react. Anyways, so I get there and I see this bear cub with this huge tick like wyrm beast. Rose ripped the tick in half leaving the bear cub.
I can’t fully explain what happened next… it is kinda one of those things that hurts my rep in a way… but I fucking fell in love with the little thing. He was just so damn adorable, and alone, and innocent, and… well, fuck I am a girl, what the hell does the universe expect. So we bonded, and I wanted to bring him home… only to find… he was dead…
Fucking dead, and I was attached to a spirit… I looked at his little body on the ground and was two seconds from ripping Cain and Sina apart when a better target came into sight…
See, about a week before I found out I was a werewolf, I made a big mistake and lost my virginity to this guy who I thought was my best friend who just turned out to be an ass and wanted me just for that. Yeah… he showed up… His name is Tivon. I fucking hate that guy.
So apparently he works for my Alpha’s Daddy’s body gaurd. Yeah, very awkward moment. We got loaded into a car and headed out. So now I sit, in a back seat, trying to figure out how I feel, seeing these big trucks roll by with this company name on them that has the symbol of the Black Spiral Dancers on them and some hippy van in tow… yeah… one of those days… again…

Baby Bear Monsters and Rescues

Dear whoever actually reads these when I send them,

So last time we left off just kind of all off doing our own thing in the woods, recovering from what we had seen. Eventually some other Garou approached, a pack of them. They were closest to Cana, and they approached her. From what I heard, it seemed like they were just passing through and offering to share their hunt. Cana went Lupus and agreed to this. Sina, Irene, and I were nearby, so did the same thing. I was curious to learn more about a pack of Garou that wouldn’t banish us right away, and the excitement was doing a bit to help me forget what happened earlier and cheer up. I hope it was doing the same for the others.

So this Garou pack was totally awesome. Cana said she was interested in learning some hunting skills, and I agreed, thinking this was a completely awesome idea. They showed us how to harry prey, and watching them, it just connected so well with me. It was tactical and required close communication and understanding, and was just a great way for the pack to work together without putting any individual into too much danger. I was surprised how quickly I grasped it, and ended up further explaining it to the others. I can’t wait to actually put it into use; it’s sooo cool the way it works, and overall just teaching it to my packmates, I felt closer to them.

So we ate with the other Garou, and slept warm and comfy in a huddle with them, all in Lupus form. It was a great night after a hard day, and was the refresher we needed. Calliope never showed up, but I think she went back to town, so I was pretty sure she was safe and warm too.

The next morning though, when we woke up, a bunch of the other Garou were missing. We heard noises, so went to investigate, eventually coming across a… a giant bear thing. Like this thing was really big and spiky and weird and creepy. It had to be Wyrm-tainted. I was a bit surprised to see our elders fleeing from it. Instinctively I wanted to lose my respect for them, but I told myself that this thing must be too much for them, too dangerous for even experienced Garou packs to face. I considered for a moment that maybe we should retreat too, if our elders couldn’t handle it, but then the bear thing charged, and before I knew it, I was charging back. Welp, I guess I was fighting it. I hoped my pack would join me. Maybe we could even try that harrying tactic?

I managed to jump onto the bear’s face and slash some flesh off, but it threw me to the side pretty quickly. Sina then joined me, doing the same on the other side. Yay, that meant I had at least one ally! But of course, I shouldn’t have even ever considered my pack might leave me alone in a fight; I suggested to Cana to dodge around the bear so we could try harrying it, but she found a quicker way to get behind it, sliding under its belly. At the same time, I saw Irene go into the Umbra, probably looking for a way to fix this from there.

The bear ended up charging into a tree, so with that and Irene gone, it took away our chance for harrying. I was disappointed, because the Ahroun in me was excited to try the new tactic, but I reminded myself that it was most important to stop the Wyrm-Bear first and foremost.

So to keep the bear from charging the others, I went Crinos and dove for it, restraining its front arms. Sina then came over to attack it while I held it, Cana stepping into the Umbra to help Irene. Then, before I knew it, the bear exploded in a splurch of nasty black goo. It was not fun holding onto it as that happened… I went over to the clean snow and started rolling in it to get the goop off, then looked over and saw Sina holding a tiny baby bear… a dead baby bear.

I didn’t get it at first, looking around for any sign of the big bear’s corpse, but the only corpse was the baby one, and the only sign of the big bear was the goo. I double-checked with Sina, saying I thought we were fighting a big one, and she confirmed this. Then we both started freaking out, realizing we had just killed a baby bear.

Before we could get our bearings (oh, no pun intended, that’s just horrible!), we heard Calliope calling for us from back in the woods. She said she had someone with her to rescue us, so we quickly turned human and I ran and got my pelts. Sina handed me the bear, and I freaked out, thinking I would be caught as some horrible disgusting baby bear slayer. She went into the Umbra to get the others back.

When they returned, Cana took one look at me and the bear and was completely horrified. She was lost and confused at first, not seeming to understand what she was seeing, then she became completely angry. Sina and I tried to explain we thought it was a big evil bear and it just kind of exploded on us, but she was too upset to reason with. It was at this time I also found out Irene had a new persona, Rose, and she thought it was 1942! I think I would’ve been more excited and impressed to meet such an old woman with such a young body, but there was just too much going on at the time.

Calliope soon ran into us, a man and a woman following her. There was a lot of bickering and confusion and new clothes, and Cana seemed to know the guy, then Sina grabbed the bear from me and ran off with Cana to bury it. After some more bickering and confusion, the two returned, and thankfully Cana seemed to be directing her anger at this new guy now instead of us. We all ended up going back with the new group, and they were going to take us back to the US! I was really excited, but tried not to show it with all the drama going on, and then eventually just asked Sina if she wanted to sit by me in the back, feeling like she was the most stable of the group right now and the easiest to talk to, since, like me, she didn’t have anything weird or personal going on right now. Except the bear-killing thing… but we had that on our hands together, and I think, even though she had been pretty cold and serious for most of the journey, the two of us finally found a real bond… through our horrible baby bear-killing atrocity, yes, but it was still a new bond, and I was latching onto it.

So we got into a real nice car and were waiting for Calliope’s lady friend to get in with us, and right then we saw a flock of pretty birds. I don’t know why, but Sina freaked out and said we needed to get away as quick as possible. I didn’t understand what the problem was. They were some really nice-looking birds. She then explained that they were the omen of… something. I recognized the word from learning about it a long time ago, but you know how I am with remembering things. But anyway, we all decided that this was a bad, horrible thing and were trying to get the lady to hurry into the car.

We were stopped from retreating though when we saw a truck approaching. There was a Garou running after it, and another one tied up in the passenger seat. Our pack had a moment were we all looked at each other, realized there was no way we were just going to run from this, and then silently decided to help.

And that’s where I’m leaving off for now! Where will our next exciting adventure take us? Probably to the afterlife as we get killed by the evil bird flock monster while trying to rescue a cute damsel!

Hugs and Kisses!

So This is What Sadness Feels Like

Dear Stargazers,

I haven’t actually done a lot of stargazing in the last few days. More like blizzard-gazing. There’s been a lot of snow, and I’m actually starting to get just a little bit tired of it. Thankfully we’d made it to a town, finally, and were excited to finally get ahold of a meal and a phone.

We were gonna start by going into a restaurant, but there was a waitress outside it on the phone, sounding frantic. There was some bickering on how we should approach her or if we should, and I kinda just looked around the town while that happened, eventually asking if we should just use the phone in the eatery. I thought we could worry about the girl later, after making sure we wouldn’t keel over, but Cana decided to go try to help her anyway, which was really nice of her.

In the building, we started talking to the owner, and it turns out he’s a kinfolk, which was a great stroke of luck. He wanted to help us, but then the power in the entire town went out, and it was completely dark in the place. Calliope looked around for a way to fix the power, but we eventually just settled for eating raw food with a table lamp. I was so hungry, it tasted fantastic anyway.

Cana soon joined us, and she said she’d offered to help the woman outside. Her son was sick and Cana thought Calliope could help somehow. I didn’t know she had any medical knowledge; I wonder if I can learn any from her. But Calliope seemed to get mad at this and they bickered again. Eventually the owner of the place told us he was pretty sure the son was sick from some kind of Wyrm parasite, and asked us to help him. Of course we agreed, and Calliope didn’t seem to mind helping now either.

We snuck to the house where he was, and before I even got inside, Merlentirene pulled me into the Umbra. We were joined by Sina, and Calliope and Cana stayed behind to try to help the boy in the physical world. The parasite was this gross squishy thing that we had to chase. I managed to pin it, and Valentine tried to bite it but got a mouth full of nasty goo. It escaped my grip, and Sina tried to stomp it, but it latched onto her and got her leg infected with Wyrm goop.

We managed to kill the thing, and then Valentine (or I think she was Irene at the time?) tried to heal Sina, but somehow caught her on fire instead. I tried to put the fire out and help Irene with the ritual a second time, and it seemed to work. Thinking we were about done, we got ready to leave, but suddenly this big… thing appeared. Irene seemed really alarmed by it, then McFinn showed up and did this really awesome jumping and stabbing thing with a cool black sword and killed it in the head.

Things seemed to go unstable though, and he warned us to escape, but I had to stay and make sure he was okay. Everything settled though and we all got out of the Umbra just fine. It turns out the second creature was actually of the Weaver, and had been created by Calliope because she used bleach trying to disinfect the boy’s room! There was some more bickering, but we realized we need to leave when the kid’s mom showed up. Thankfully he was already getting better, so we snuck out and escaped into the woods.

McFinn then said he wanted to show us something, so led us further into the woods. He told us to go through this area that would lead into the Umbra. Everyone seemed wary, but after all he’d done for us and how heroically he’d stopped that Weaver spirit, I trusted him and went in first. The place had a spiritual… imprint of sorts, showing a scene long passed. It was of two lovers secretly meeting, both Garou. The woman was pregnant, and as the two shared a touching moment, they committed suicide. I was shocked. I didn’t get why they would do something like that, when they obviously had such a great amount of love and passion. Is this was happens to those who form attachments?

I mean… I know our code of conduct says we’re not supposed to mate with each other, but not all tribes even agree with that part. I’ve never heard bad about Metis until meeting other tribes. But just because of a pregnancy, these people killed themselves and their baby… everyone else seemed sad and bothered by this too, especially Irene and McFinn. I vaguely wondered if he might be a Metis too, but I hadn’t noticed anything that would indicate he was.

Then things got bad. Calliope began talking about how it should be obvious to follow the Litany, especially the part about Garou mating with each other. She used… incest as an example, saying if two people both have something that would lead to a defect, they they should never have gone that direction… like… like it was so bad, it wasn’t worth having the results be born. Like Metis and incest babies aren’t worthy to be alive, just because they’re different. I… lost some respect for Calliope at that moment, but even more, I just kind of wanted to be alone, and felt bad for Irene even more than myself.

I left the group as they kept arguing over this, Irene doing the same. I ended up crouching in a tree a bit of a ways off, seeing Irene approach soon after. I told her I liked her the way she was, and I think that helped both of us just a little bit.

You all might have noticed I haven’t come off as cheery and upbeat and adorable as usual today. That’s because… well, I’m sad. That’s not something I’m used to feeling, but it’s just what I am right now. I’m sad that there’s so much hate in the world, I’m sad that Metis have to go through so much, I’m sad that Calliope, one of my only friends, thinks it was bad that Irene… and me, were born. I may not be perfect, but I like being alive, and I’m glad I was born. Nothing can change that, even feeling like this.

I haven’t told the others about my parents and ancestry. I didn’t think there was any need to; I didn’t think it would ever come up. But now… now I’m afraid to tell them. I don’t know if I can, and I don’t know how they’d react. But at the same time, I kind of feel like I should… I no it’s nothing like being a Metis but… maybe if I do tell the others, it would help Irene/Valentine/Mercy stop feeling so alone…


I Hate Rocks... and Fae

I guess since everyone else is doing it, I should start keeping a record of all these shenanigans that are going on.
So where to begin… I suppose starting with the Wendigo asshat that spit on Valentine when we were so unceremoniously ejected from the Wendigo lands after that whole misunderstanding, but forget that.
So this obsessed jackass tracked us through the wilderness to kill us, which is stupid since you know, we had nothing to do with it. But of course that’s logical, and he seems to be deficient in faculties pertaining to that.
Anyway, then some vampires showed up and rather than fighting the asshat or tactically retreating and leaving him to deal with his own issues, we totally charged right past him and took them on ourselves. I was all for letting him get maimed at least before saving him, but Calliope is too nice and stuff so there was none of that. Cain totally ripped through the vamps, but even Calliope and Valentine, well Eilieen, Mercy or whatever got in on the bloodbath.
The battle ended less than spectacularly for Cain and I though… We went to save the Wendigo Asshat’s packmate, Blood from Stone, but when we were attacked, the vamp was as resilient as stone. This was of course because it was stone. We had been illusioned or something into thinking a boulder was the vampire, when in reality, he was slinking off in the forest. I broke a tooth on the damn rock!
Anyway, after saving his ass, Mr. Angry-Scarred-Up-Vampire-Killer decided to let us go in peace. So we settled in for the night, and all seemed to be going well.

So naturally, we woke up in a handbag. Purse. Thing.
And we weren’t alone… there was another werewolf in with us. A Fianna that called himself Finn. He reeked of beer, but overall seemed to be nice enough. Certainly friendlier than the other wolves we’ve met.
We weren’t in the bag for long. We were quite unceremoniously dumped out into possibly the most beautiful world ever; Arcadia.
It was amazing to see the untouched Wyld at work, even if the fae inhabitants were… off putting.
First we had these little toads, one of which Mercy punted off the cliff. Then there was this ridiculously ethereal “Alluren, Prince of the Pines, hnn hnn” guy that was more interested in Calliope than seemed safe. They wanted us to take part in thier hunt, which just screamed danger. Thankfully Finn organized a deal to get us out of the worst of it. We did however have to go to a party, which seemed safe enough.
So naturally it wasn’t.
Apparently I became entranced by this instrument that could totally read books and make music based on them. Not going to lie, even after Finn had Canna and Cain snap us out of it, I still really wish I had snatched it while I had the chance. That probably would’ve resulted in something terrible and bad with a capital “B” if I had…
We were sent away from Arcadia, never to return, which is sad in a way. However, we were ejected back into our own world within sight of civilization. A days run and we could be back on our way home.

Fey Suck

So yesterday or last week who the flip knows now, we ran into those guys from the Sept of the Winter Wolf. Or they tracked us down I should say. It was pretty messed up. The big guy with all the battle scars said he was going to be our executor for killing the other pups. That’s when I lost my temper completely with him….I’m aware I looked like a fluffy chihuahua yipping next to him but I yelled all the same. The other girls joined in. Not surprising really. When you take away the scary werewolf-ness and life altering adventure we are at our core sarcastic sixteen year old girls. It was pissing him off more and this whole encounter could have turned bloody…you know with our blood…but then the world smiled on us and gave us a common enemy. Yay teenaged politics, it doesn’t matter how much the football team hates the chess club when Rivalton comes to visit they both hiss and boo together. To our luck, we saved that guy’s ass by running past him and killing the leeches cough vampires. Unlucky though one of his pack died, Blood From Stone…it was really sad. So I yelled at the leader some more. Then he gave me vampire fangs….so awesome but I gave them to Sina and Cain because they actually killed the vampire they came from. I’m totally going to get one of my own.

Another day of travel and we crashed in another cave. Then woke up in a bag….with another werewolf…I suppose he wasn’t the bane of all evil. Like every other werewolf we’ve met so far. Finn as he called himself and he was hungover when we met him the first time. We ended up in Arcadia, the world of faires, it was so scary….so much scarier than the Canadian Blizzard. There was this Prince guys, Alluren Prince of the Pines and he kept staring at him…it was weird. I’ve never had anyone stare that way and it was uncomfortable at best. He said really nice things too and at one point I ended up sitting on his lap….but Cana, Cain and Finn saved the day by raging. Alluren offered to let me stay but I decided I’d rather deal with blizzard. At least I knew how the blizzard wanted to kill me.

Onward to town…with Finn in tow….I miss my cellphone….so much.

Next Thing You Will Tell Me Is That Santa Is Real...

Dear whom-ever-the-fuck,
So… vampires are real. And fae are real. And I know I shouldn’t be surprised, and yet part of me is like “well shit, what else is out there.”
So scar-face wanted to start some shit with us, cause you know he isn’t man enough to take on someone his own size, or age, so instead he decided to pick on 5 female pups trapped in a cave. Just as he was really getting into his whole monolog, fucking vampires appear out of no where behind him. A fight ensues, of course. I tried to jump in, but I guess I missed or something. The fucking vamp was right there, I know he was, but when I bit down he was gone. Fucking Hemo-gobbler, this is the first time I even met one and I already hate them. So Cain and Sina took care of everything for the most part. Which brings me to my next point… my theory on rage and how to stop it. I am not going to lie, the idea of raging kinda scares me a little. I haven’t done it and every time someone is about to I want to stop them as fast as possible. I am worried what might actually happen if we don’t stop it. Maybe I have control issues… I don’t think I do… but it is just so… chaotic. Anyways, theory on how to stop rage. You shock the shit out of someone. Done, over, they are back to normal. It has worked twice now. First it was Sina, I made her think she killed me and the shock of the idea shook her back to reality, and next it was Cain and the only thing that came to mind was to kiss her. I am not into girls, and I especially know I am not now that I have kissed one, but it was what came to mind first and it seemed to work. She miss understood my intent on it I think though cause she asked if we were going out now… I had to let her down, though really if I was into girls, I don’t think dating a pack mate is the best idea. If you break up it sounds like a lot of drama.
So back to what happened. So after the battle we go to sleep. All is well, right? NO! CAUSE WE CAN’T FUCKING SLEEP WITH OUT SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENING! FIRST SPIRITS NOW FAIRIES!!!!! So we woke up in a bag. Once again, I can’t make this shit up. We woke up in a bag along with some naked guy named Finn. In all honesty, I have meet people in a far more messed up state. So what that he smelled like old cheep beer and was naked as a jay bird, he wasn’t wearing an aluminum hat or anything so all was good. He tells us we have been trapped by fae. Fan-Fucking-Tastic!!!!! And I have come to the conclusion I would want to go head to head with a vamp any day of the week and the to visit Arcadia again! It was crazy, and topsy turvy, and just plan fucked up. They wanted us to be part of a hunt, which to me sounds like a bad idea no matter what end you are on. Then they wanted us to be part of the “revelry”… sounds like some pixies wet dream if you ask me. Cain and I kept our heads about us, while everyone else had their brain’s glittered out of their heads. Calliope just about crawled into the Prince of Pine’s lap, Sina was enchanted by some instruments that read books or something, and Mercy, formally Eilean, formally Valentine, made friends with a fairy child. We asked Finn how we could stop the maddness and he said to get angry. Now, I personally am not a very angry person. Cain, however, as calm as she seems, has a little ball of unadulterated fury inside of her. So she got angry, and more angry, and more angry until SHE FUCKING TURNED THE WORLD ON IT’S HEAD!!!!! Princy boy didn’t like this and let us go. Then, this is were we are lucky again. He dumped us right were would be the best place to be. There is a town in site, lights and everything, about a days run away. I never thought I missed the sight of electricity so much. I don’t know what it is, but we seem to be lucky at just the right moments, which I am perfectly fine with. Finn is still with us, we will see how long he sticks around, and we are all lupins running towards a town. Maybe, maybe, we can get a break her… maybe.

Rocks are Now the Mortal Enemy of Sina and Myself

My Wise and Noble Elder Stargazers,

Just wait until you gaze upon the whole of this next letter. Okay, so we got confronted by those Wendigo, right? The main one is all saying he’s going to get vengeance on us and all that, and the rest of us are arguing back about how completely unfair he’s being and how he’s racist against Metises. He’s trying to egg us on to attack him, but then suddenly, something showed up behind him. I thought it was a Wyrm-Human before, but found out later it was really a vampire!

So our pack all kinda looks at each other and does this group nod in agreement that we’re going to save the asshole (pardon my language great elders!). We fight against the vampires pretty okay, and I even was starting to feel comfortable enough as a werewolf now to try out some of the Kailindo techniques I’d learned before. But one of them starts overtaking one of the Wendigo with like a million others of himself. Cana is trying to stop them, and then Sina and I run over to help too.

As we bit and clawed at the main vampire, he seemed very hard and rocky, like he was made of granite. We kept working at ’im, and the other two vampires were taken out and we realized the million clones were really illusions and stuff, but then suddenly Sina and I realized we had been attacking a big rock the whole time. When this happened, both of us stared at the rock for a moment, then looked at each other, then back at the rock, and I swear I heard a collective snap in our heads. We lost it… gave into the rage for a moment. I could feel red clouding my mind and vision, and I was afraid, because this was something I had always trained to avoid.

Thinking back on my training and the ideals of our tribe, I managed to calm down just enough to not go attack anything. Suddenly then, Cana came up and kissed me! That was enough to snap me completely out of it, and Calliope snapped Sina out of it in a much less interesting way. I asked Cana if this meant we were girlfriends now, but she said no, so I guess she’s just a player.

With that sorted out, I found out one of the vampires had escaped: He’d put an illusion on the rock and took off while Sina and I attacked it. The Wendigo that had been attacked by the multiple illusions did not end up surviving the fight… thankfully though, the leader decided to leave the bloodshed at that, and instead of killing us, gave us vampire fangs as a token of friendship. I’m glad he likes us now. He even told us about how Toronto is where the vampires came from, and that it’s infested with them. After that, he took his comrades and left us.

We went to sleep in the cave that night, and when we woke up, we were in a giant red room with a bunch of beer cans and books. There was a naked guy sleeping under the cans, and he introduced himself like thirty times and I don’t remember what his real name in, but I think it was something like McFinn. He told us we’d been captured, and as he was starting to explain, we realized we were in a giant bag just as we got dumped out. We landed on a grassy area, and there were these little gremlin things that were kind of adorable but even more annoying.

They said we were gonna be in some kinda hunt, and when they were not answering questions, Valentine got snarky and punted one off a cliff! She was apparently another new person again too. I think she might have some issues to work out. Then, suddenly the other little thing freaked out and buried his face to the ground as a giant humming bird came over. This was turning out to be the coolest friggin’ day ever… until some weird, creepy little man with long silver hair came down from riding the bird. He landed gracefully on a single toe, and it was one singly the most beautiful and the most retarded thing I had ever seen in my life.

I was completely entranced as this guy introduced himself as Prince of the Pines. I just couldn’t believe this wasn’t some elaborate joke or maybe we were in some kind of storybook. I was really waiting for those hidden cameras to end up being real all along at this point. I had so many questions for Sparkles McLegogloss, but he just kind of ignored me and Calliope seemed to get mad when I kept asking. I think she was defending him because he liked her so much and she wanted to make a good impression for her new boyfriend.

Twilight Sparkle wanted us to take part in a weird hunt where we would hunt fay and then they would hunt us. It sounded like some weird kinky thing, but I was kind of down for that. McFinn said we should agree to get it over with, so we did and Hummingbard and his hummingbird led us to the most amazing fantastical place I had ever seen. Everything was so vivid and beautiful and tickled senses I didn’t even know I had. McFinn said we shouldn’t touch or do anything, and we would just need to get through a party thing here before the hunt. Sina, Calliope, and Valentine all ended up getting entranced by the place. I feel like I wanted to also, but I guess I was already so used to living in a fascinating fantastical world that I could ignore the temptation.

So McFinn said Cana and I might be able to get them back if we let our rage overtake us. I didn’t get it at first, and really didn’t want to let my rage out at all, but he said that rage was a part of us and a gift to us from the Wyrm, even though the Wyrm is kind of our enemy too. It was deep and profound and I only understood like ten percent of it, but the ten percent I did understand made sense, something about bringing the Wyrm into this realm to make it normal again. So I thought of Pine Pansy taking on my friends and actually winning. The thought of them getting hurt, and to someone so embarrassing, it made me angry. I thought of them getting defeated by little taps and toe kicks. McFinn and Cana got angry too, and then it seemed to change how everything was.

Fern Gully got mad and said we had rejected his gift or something so wanted us to leave. That was good enough for us, so we all escaped through a portal. He did say Calliope could stay, but she went and dumped that fool. Hey, now we didn’t need to participate in that hunt! And we were back! Back to… back to Canada. Yay…? McMuffin had come with us, and I gave him a pelt since he was still mostly naked. We looked around and realized we could see a town in the distance! We had finally made it to civilization! It would still be a bit of a walk, but McFinn agreed to join us on the way, and off we were!

What will happen next on our fabulous journey? Who knows?! Talk to you in my next entry!


So That Is What A Heart Attack Feels Like...

Dear… dear who even the hell is reading this I guess,
Still is weird. And not just this journal thing, the whole werewolf thing. I keep going over this litany thing and I just don’t know how I feel about some of it. I mean, some of it makes sense. Combat the Wyrm Wherever it Dwells and Whenever it Breeds – Makes totally fucking sense. Get it, agree with it, until things are in balance I get it. Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans – Again, agree, and Eeewww who would anyways! I mean until recently I thought I was human, I think it is still cannibalism in some way so that one we can roll with. But then there are some others, like Garou Shall Not Mate With Garou and Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness… like I understand that having a kid with another werewolf makes a Metis, and they have a few issues, but maybe in all the modern medicine in the world there could be some way to help with it. It is amazing what people can do these days. And then the don’t let old people weigh you down. Ok, maybe there was a time that that made sense, you know, when us as werewolves roamed the plains hunting gazelle or some shit, yeah sure, but this day in age, grandpa should be loved, not euthanized cause someone doesn’t want to do what is right and give back after they took care of you so long…
I guess I have to just think on it for a bit more…
But that leads me to what happened. In all honestly a lot of it is a blur. So there were these spirits. I guess they were pups that didn’t get to finish their initiations or something so they were cursed. Before I knew it one of them reached into my chest and grabbed my heart. I can’t Fucking make this Shit Up Even If I Tried!!!!! His hand reached into my chest, grabbed, my heart, and squeezed it like he was trying to see if it was ripe or not!!!!! After that Cain and Sina mostly took care of them. That is were the blur comes in. And after that, you know what shit went down? Sina tried to kill me! Straight up! Why? Cause she had like Werewolf PMS or some shit! Apparently if we get mad we forget not to get mad or something and just decide to take it out on whomever we see next! I mean shit, get a bitch a chocolate bar or something! So I managed to distract her with a “joke” and she calmed down… and then started crying a bit… yeah, werewolf PMS
So then we started trudging again. In the Fucking Snow, AGAIN!!!!! I FUCKING SWEAR I AM MOVING TO HAWAII AFTER THIS!!!!! But we moved along and we found Bill. Bill was cool I guess. It is hard to tell what to trust and what not to trust these days. But he seemed legit. And we got full bellies, and warm beds and was a well needed restart. I wish we could get more of that. We played a game called confessions. You were suppose to say 2 lies and 1 truth and then guess which was which. Everyone played like they were suppose to. I said that 1) I am not a virgin 2) Chili Lime Salt on Oranges are my favorite treat and 3) One of the funnest things to do is to go into department stores, dress of in some of the cloths, pose in the window to act like a manikins, and then scare the shit out of customers… thing is… all of those are true… Calliope didn’t like that I did that when she figured it out. So that was fun… the one moment of light in an other wise horrible journey.
So after that we started walking again. In the Snow, Freezing out fuzzy asses off. This whole walking in the snow thing just sucks. And I grew up living in a subway system with an old sleeping bag for a bed! Man I miss that! Would be so much better then this!!!!!!
But we found a cave for some shelter and thought all was good… until more shit hit the fan… and we were attacked, my full grown werewolves, who want to kick out asses because we have Valentine, or Eilleen, or what ever she is going by right now…
Well fuck… lets see how this goes…