Rites of Passage

A Dubious Future

One last goodbye scribbled hastily on a piece of paper

Kaiden Reid

Dear Father,

Oh boy have I done it this time. This is the one free moment that I’ll have probably for the next few weeks so I’m taking it to write you this letter. I hope that it gets to you alright because these words may be my last. I want you to know, that above all else I love you. You guys have always been there for me and I want you to know that it is what keeps me going. I think this time I went too far though.

This is my side of the story. This all started about a day ago. We were just coming out of the week of fasting and ritual preparation for out Rite of Passage that Mother Larissa was putting us through. She summoned us in a rather unusual but completely obvious way and so the five of us followed her into the Sept. We made out way through a forest known as the tangle but we were hard pressed to keep up with her. I don’t know what it was about the way she moved, but she seemed to slip to and from the shadows. We lost her, but not long after that as we argued amongst ourselves about what to do I noticed footsteps running through the bush. A man burst into our clearing so I did my best to stay hidden from sight but as we were to find out later he was already suffering from the delirium. Yeah, I still have trouble controlling it. I’m working on it. That’s not the point, its what he was running from that is where things get hairy.

The man was screaming madly and shouting something about ’They’re out to get me!’ and ‘What is going on?!’. A guy name Leviticus, Levi for short, was trying to talk him down. We all looked at each other but no one knew what to do. Before we could come to a consensus 5 hispo jumped out from the darkness, their white fur shining in the moonlight and their red eyes fixed on our throats. Levi and I introduced ourselves and told them we were from the Sept of the Green, but they would not listen. They jumped at us. I managed to dodge the first one but a second tore up my leg pretty badly. We fought for a few minutes and eventually we got the upper hand and finished them off. We didn’t have much time to think before a great bat-winged beast swooped down and grabbed the man from our hands. The five of us did our best to follow it through the trees when all of a sudden Kaldun, Races the Dark appears in the night sky and dispatches it with seemingly practiced effort.

When the man was safe we told Kaldun-Rhya what had happened and then he told us what had happened. We all took a moment of silence to mourn the lives of the five pups we killed earlier that night. They were Wendigo pups on their Rite of Passage. We didn’t know, I swear and they gave our words not heed before they attacked us. Still, what we did was unforgivable. I fear that my actions may incite another fight amongst our tribes. It is worse than bad.

Now we follow the words of Akelon-Rhya, an honored name around the Sept of the Green. We are leaving for Canada in a matter of minutes. Once Stephen gets out of the bathroom really. Oh shit there he is. Tell mom I love her and make her smile for me.