Rites of Passage

Canada is Cold

Where do I start…..let’s go with the warehouse. Wait no let’s start with the few weeks before the warehouse. I’m a werewolf…I kid you not I’ve got claws, fangs and fur. It so rocks. While it did until the warehouse. I got kidnapped but they meant well. I followed all the rules of my kidnapping 101 classes until I figured out they weren’t humans….it worked out.

Until we ended up lost in the park being chase by angry wolves. Then went over a moon bridge to Canada. It didn’t go so well there. Apparently, someone went about murdering their pups from our side of the lines. The pack was kind enough to let us leave in peace. Since we had absolutely nothing to do with the murders. I fell horrible though…their pups couldn’t be any older than us and someone just lost their children for good.

The only problem with this…is CANADA IS REALLY FLIPPIN’ COLD! So then I ended wandering into the wilderness and getting use to my four pawed form. I realized pretty quick that no one was stepping up to make the decisions so I followed my father’s advice. “Calliope, when no one makes the hard choices then lots of people get hurt,” he’d puff his pipe, “So when you see the decision make it because at least you tried to help then.” I picked a direction and we headed that way, the girls have really good ideas but no focus.

OH, best thing ever happened in the middle of the woods. We stumbled into a hot springs episode. All it was missing was the slightly awkward love interest who accidentally sees you naked and then you have a heartfelt conversation over the privacy wall. So I’m lost in the middle of the woods, really close to the enemy camp and all I can think is ’I’m totally the chosen one’. This is so awesome.