Rites of Passage

Family Vacation

What the fuck are we doing ...

Kaiden Reid

Something occurs to me as I sit down to write this. Levi, Stephen, Arumaiah, Oskar, and I have no idea what we are doing. After fighting to protect a stranger and killing pups from another Sept to do it we are driving through the Canadian wilderness to put an end to some great threat posed by the wurm somewhere in some frozen wasteland. Mom. What should I do?

I came to this somewhat frightening realization of our ignorance earlier today as I chased a deer through the woods. I don’t know what I was doing either mom. We came upon a car wreck. A truck had crushed some bikers and there were body parts all over. When we looked around we found that the bikers had been running from something that had attacked them. I silently thanked Luna for hiding away tonight as the cops rolled up to Lila.

The mose interesting part of my day was an hour or so later when we pulled into Miller’s Cross. The Lift, their local diner and bar was the only thing open so we stopped there to rest and find somewhere to spend the night. There was a really beautiful woman there who looked like Christine Taylor’s twin sister but more beautiful. Her name was Kala. She was warm and friendly even as the rest of the town stared us down from their seats. She helped Levi with his stomach and scared off a couple of ruffians that had followed us into town. She took care of us for a while and I wanted to stay longer but it was time to leave.

Tomorrow I am supposed to meet a drunk she pointed out as the town mechanic so I am going to make my way into The Lift and ask Kala where to find this guy. Have a good night mom, and wherever you are … sweet dreams.