Rites of Passage

Fey Suck

So yesterday or last week who the flip knows now, we ran into those guys from the Sept of the Winter Wolf. Or they tracked us down I should say. It was pretty messed up. The big guy with all the battle scars said he was going to be our executor for killing the other pups. That’s when I lost my temper completely with him….I’m aware I looked like a fluffy chihuahua yipping next to him but I yelled all the same. The other girls joined in. Not surprising really. When you take away the scary werewolf-ness and life altering adventure we are at our core sarcastic sixteen year old girls. It was pissing him off more and this whole encounter could have turned bloody…you know with our blood…but then the world smiled on us and gave us a common enemy. Yay teenaged politics, it doesn’t matter how much the football team hates the chess club when Rivalton comes to visit they both hiss and boo together. To our luck, we saved that guy’s ass by running past him and killing the leeches cough vampires. Unlucky though one of his pack died, Blood From Stone…it was really sad. So I yelled at the leader some more. Then he gave me vampire fangs….so awesome but I gave them to Sina and Cain because they actually killed the vampire they came from. I’m totally going to get one of my own.

Another day of travel and we crashed in another cave. Then woke up in a bag….with another werewolf…I suppose he wasn’t the bane of all evil. Like every other werewolf we’ve met so far. Finn as he called himself and he was hungover when we met him the first time. We ended up in Arcadia, the world of faires, it was so scary….so much scarier than the Canadian Blizzard. There was this Prince guys, Alluren Prince of the Pines and he kept staring at him…it was weird. I’ve never had anyone stare that way and it was uncomfortable at best. He said really nice things too and at one point I ended up sitting on his lap….but Cana, Cain and Finn saved the day by raging. Alluren offered to let me stay but I decided I’d rather deal with blizzard. At least I knew how the blizzard wanted to kill me.

Onward to town…with Finn in tow….I miss my cellphone….so much.