Rites of Passage

I Hate Rocks... and Fae

I guess since everyone else is doing it, I should start keeping a record of all these shenanigans that are going on.
So where to begin… I suppose starting with the Wendigo asshat that spit on Valentine when we were so unceremoniously ejected from the Wendigo lands after that whole misunderstanding, but forget that.
So this obsessed jackass tracked us through the wilderness to kill us, which is stupid since you know, we had nothing to do with it. But of course that’s logical, and he seems to be deficient in faculties pertaining to that.
Anyway, then some vampires showed up and rather than fighting the asshat or tactically retreating and leaving him to deal with his own issues, we totally charged right past him and took them on ourselves. I was all for letting him get maimed at least before saving him, but Calliope is too nice and stuff so there was none of that. Cain totally ripped through the vamps, but even Calliope and Valentine, well Eilieen, Mercy or whatever got in on the bloodbath.
The battle ended less than spectacularly for Cain and I though… We went to save the Wendigo Asshat’s packmate, Blood from Stone, but when we were attacked, the vamp was as resilient as stone. This was of course because it was stone. We had been illusioned or something into thinking a boulder was the vampire, when in reality, he was slinking off in the forest. I broke a tooth on the damn rock!
Anyway, after saving his ass, Mr. Angry-Scarred-Up-Vampire-Killer decided to let us go in peace. So we settled in for the night, and all seemed to be going well.

So naturally, we woke up in a handbag. Purse. Thing.
And we weren’t alone… there was another werewolf in with us. A Fianna that called himself Finn. He reeked of beer, but overall seemed to be nice enough. Certainly friendlier than the other wolves we’ve met.
We weren’t in the bag for long. We were quite unceremoniously dumped out into possibly the most beautiful world ever; Arcadia.
It was amazing to see the untouched Wyld at work, even if the fae inhabitants were… off putting.
First we had these little toads, one of which Mercy punted off the cliff. Then there was this ridiculously ethereal “Alluren, Prince of the Pines, hnn hnn” guy that was more interested in Calliope than seemed safe. They wanted us to take part in thier hunt, which just screamed danger. Thankfully Finn organized a deal to get us out of the worst of it. We did however have to go to a party, which seemed safe enough.
So naturally it wasn’t.
Apparently I became entranced by this instrument that could totally read books and make music based on them. Not going to lie, even after Finn had Canna and Cain snap us out of it, I still really wish I had snatched it while I had the chance. That probably would’ve resulted in something terrible and bad with a capital “B” if I had…
We were sent away from Arcadia, never to return, which is sad in a way. However, we were ejected back into our own world within sight of civilization. A days run and we could be back on our way home.