Rites of Passage

Next Thing You Will Tell Me Is That Santa Is Real...

Dear whom-ever-the-fuck,
So… vampires are real. And fae are real. And I know I shouldn’t be surprised, and yet part of me is like “well shit, what else is out there.”
So scar-face wanted to start some shit with us, cause you know he isn’t man enough to take on someone his own size, or age, so instead he decided to pick on 5 female pups trapped in a cave. Just as he was really getting into his whole monolog, fucking vampires appear out of no where behind him. A fight ensues, of course. I tried to jump in, but I guess I missed or something. The fucking vamp was right there, I know he was, but when I bit down he was gone. Fucking Hemo-gobbler, this is the first time I even met one and I already hate them. So Cain and Sina took care of everything for the most part. Which brings me to my next point… my theory on rage and how to stop it. I am not going to lie, the idea of raging kinda scares me a little. I haven’t done it and every time someone is about to I want to stop them as fast as possible. I am worried what might actually happen if we don’t stop it. Maybe I have control issues… I don’t think I do… but it is just so… chaotic. Anyways, theory on how to stop rage. You shock the shit out of someone. Done, over, they are back to normal. It has worked twice now. First it was Sina, I made her think she killed me and the shock of the idea shook her back to reality, and next it was Cain and the only thing that came to mind was to kiss her. I am not into girls, and I especially know I am not now that I have kissed one, but it was what came to mind first and it seemed to work. She miss understood my intent on it I think though cause she asked if we were going out now… I had to let her down, though really if I was into girls, I don’t think dating a pack mate is the best idea. If you break up it sounds like a lot of drama.
So back to what happened. So after the battle we go to sleep. All is well, right? NO! CAUSE WE CAN’T FUCKING SLEEP WITH OUT SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENING! FIRST SPIRITS NOW FAIRIES!!!!! So we woke up in a bag. Once again, I can’t make this shit up. We woke up in a bag along with some naked guy named Finn. In all honesty, I have meet people in a far more messed up state. So what that he smelled like old cheep beer and was naked as a jay bird, he wasn’t wearing an aluminum hat or anything so all was good. He tells us we have been trapped by fae. Fan-Fucking-Tastic!!!!! And I have come to the conclusion I would want to go head to head with a vamp any day of the week and the to visit Arcadia again! It was crazy, and topsy turvy, and just plan fucked up. They wanted us to be part of a hunt, which to me sounds like a bad idea no matter what end you are on. Then they wanted us to be part of the “revelry”… sounds like some pixies wet dream if you ask me. Cain and I kept our heads about us, while everyone else had their brain’s glittered out of their heads. Calliope just about crawled into the Prince of Pine’s lap, Sina was enchanted by some instruments that read books or something, and Mercy, formally Eilean, formally Valentine, made friends with a fairy child. We asked Finn how we could stop the maddness and he said to get angry. Now, I personally am not a very angry person. Cain, however, as calm as she seems, has a little ball of unadulterated fury inside of her. So she got angry, and more angry, and more angry until SHE FUCKING TURNED THE WORLD ON IT’S HEAD!!!!! Princy boy didn’t like this and let us go. Then, this is were we are lucky again. He dumped us right were would be the best place to be. There is a town in site, lights and everything, about a days run away. I never thought I missed the sight of electricity so much. I don’t know what it is, but we seem to be lucky at just the right moments, which I am perfectly fine with. Finn is still with us, we will see how long he sticks around, and we are all lupins running towards a town. Maybe, maybe, we can get a break her… maybe.