Rites of Passage

Well That Was A Hell Of A Thing

Dear Diary…
Or what ever the hell you are suppose to title these things. Kinda silly to me to “write” to a journal but whatever.
So… where do I even start. I guess from when the crazy began. So there I was, comfortable at home in the subway systems, licking my wounds if you would from days before. You know, the whole finding out your a werewolf and breaking up with your boyfriend cause he was an ass thing. Yeah, not fun times. The boyfriend thing seems almost pointless by now. I mean, come on, I found out I am a FUCKING WEREWOLF! What do you do with that? And that half the people down below with me are too, or “kin” or something, I don’t get it still. Anywho,so that all happened, and I was laying on my bed when all of the sudden the world goes dark because I have a bag over my head that smells really weird and I pass out. I wake up in a warehouse with 4 other chicks. One of them is Cane. She seems pretty cool, a little hippy, a little “you know like totally” some times, but over all cool. And there is Sina there two. She is pretty quiet. I am not quite thinking she is shy, I think it is more she is the type that says only things that are needed to be said. But I can work with that, it means she is not running her mouth or something drama bitch like a lot of girls are, so I can chill with her. Then there is Calliope… I am still trying to figure her out. She took apart our radio out of boredom but it wasn’t necessarily broken. Chick is smart, and has a plan, which I can appreciate cause most of us don’t know where to start. Give me a direction and I can make sure we all get there, but she knows which direction to point first. She a little quiet too, well correction. She is distant, but I think we will work just fine together in the long run and who knows, maybe even become friends or something. And last there is Valentine… Ok, I feel a little bad for her. She is getting a bum wrap. So apparently it is really bad that both of her parents were Werewolves. I mean, it is in the litany and everything. She doesn’t have a tail because of it, but whatever. I knew a guy who only had 3 fingers and half an ear because of “The War” as he put it and he was awesome, so so what that she doesn’t have a tail. Out of all the litany things we got down that is the biggest one I think is just lame. If two people love each other it shouldn’t matter that they are both werewolves. They call her a Metis. I wanted to make a joke about “Metis to Society” to make her feel better, but wasn’t sure how she would take it, so I let it be for now.
So we are in the warehouse for a week, right, and we are bored out of our FUCKING MINDS!!!!! I mean there was NOTHING TO DO and bitches can only stay together like that so long before someone starts going crazy. So just as we were about to crack the door opens up and this really old lady walks through. She is the head of the Sept of the Green and really important in the Tribe of Bonegnawers. So basically, we don’t mess with her if we want to live. She tells us we are going to go through our initiation if we would to be part of werewolf society… and that it isn’t an option. I don’t know how I feel about that. It isn’t like I have a problem being a werewolf, not in the way that some people do, it is just… it is still odd, you know. I am not me when I am in wolf form. I don’t look like me, I don’t feel like me, I am someone… no… someTHING else when I am the wolf, and I am just not use to it yet. I guess I will be at some point, but until then, I am just not comfortable with it.
So she takes us to Central Park. I love it here, get a lot of good work here, lot of easy targets. Tourist come though, loose pockets, gullible and trusting, and you know, those are the nights you eat well. So we go to where there are a lot of trees and all these other wolves start howling at us. Not going to lie, kinda scared the shit out of me. So we ran to… well, the thing is called a Moon Bridge. I couldn’t make this shit up even if I wanted too. So we cross the Moon Bridge and BANG, we are in Canada, eh. And it is FUCKING COLD AS A WITCH TIT! I MEAN GOD DAMN IT! Couldn’t we have done this, oh, I don’t know, the summer or spring or anything thing but this? But, what ever. We are here now. So we get there, and we get greeted by this native american. He is really nice, but at this point everything feels like a trap. I don’t trust anything. So they give us stew and I don’t eat it, and it is hard to sleep, and I am not going to lie I am just paranoid. After that we go to meet the Sept of the Winter Wolf. And that is when the Shit hits the fan. Apparently some of the Sept of the Green killed their pups. Like people, teenagers, like us, the people who sent us here killed them! Needless to say they were not happy to see us. So they “politely escorted” us away and we got the fuck out of there. So now… here we are… in the woods… trying to survive in the cold with no supplies or anything… yeah, still debating on how awesome this werewolf thing is suppose to be…