Rites of Passage

The End That Begins

Dear… well, Dear Dad,

It’s funny. Most of my life I haven’t really missed you. I know you are out there, I know I will meet you some day, I know you love me and that life it just complicated… but… there are some points in a girl’s life that she just wants her Daddy. This is one of them, for so many reasons. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Uncle Errol has done a great job and I never have felt abandoned or anything like that, but I just don’t feel like I can talk to him about everything.
So… where do I start… probably Tivon. Fucking ass hole. So, I was a stupid girl and made a mistake. I was on my way to recover from this mistake and put it behind me. Then he shows up, now working for some suit, talking about wanting more out of life and then tries to say sorry. Like sorry is suppose to fucking fix it. I mean, I have known him since I was like 5. There wasn’t anyone out there that I felt that connected to. He was my best friend and I thought if I could trust anyone it was him. Then everything went down and that trust was destroyed. So by random happenstance he came back into my life and tried to apologise. I am not sure this is one of those things you can say sorry and it makes it better. I mean, I wasn’t in love with him, but he was my best friend so I did love him on some level… and then he ripped my heart out. I think I am allowed to still be bitter and hurt. But I guess that will work itself out. He works for my Alpha so it is not like I can really kick him out of my life now I guess…
So, on that note. My Alpha. Calliope. She is… weird. I will get to that but lets cover what happened this last month.
So it started on a Saturday Morning. I had just gotten done with breakfast when this guy in a suit pokes his head around the corner into Uncle Errol’s and mine “apartment”. Uncle Errol was about to totally rip this guys face off until I heard Calliope’s voice coming down the subway. She came in and looked around. I am not the best at reading people, cause her face went from a “ooookkkk” to what I could swear was fucking excitement. She started going on at how I was an anime character or something and how the fact that Uncle Errol’s face was all scared made him look like so and so… I couldn’t follow her… like I said, my Alpha is weird… and I am pretty sure a little crazy.
So after a bit of back and forth he convince Uncle Errol to take “Rico” on a tour. He can handle a veiled body guard. He took him to “Jimmy’s”. Jimmy’s is the closest thing this place has to a bar. Jimmy makes his own booze and put a board up that he serves from.
Anyways, so she gave me a cell phone… I don’t know what he fuck to do with it, but she gave me one. She said it is for us to keep in touch. I guess I will figure it out. Then she started telling me about this guy that was trying to do business with her dad. Her dad hadn’t said yes yet and was leaning against the idea but Calliope said something about the guy just didn’t set right with her after everything we went through. She knew where his offices were and wanted me to “look around”. I agreed and made up some bull shit excuse of slumber party to Uncle. He didn’t care to much, he had a new ear to hear stories and a full glass. We waited until dark before I showed her how to catch a ride on a passing train and we made our way to the place. On the outside it looked like a normal high rise. But something about it make my skin crawl. I found my way to the garbage shoot and worked my way up. It is not a talent that I like to brag about but it can get the job done. I transferred from shoot to air duct and made my way through the building. Then the smell hit me. I can’t even fucking describe it adequately. It was like an ostrich laid an egg, stuck it up the ass of an elephant, let it sit there until it was crapped out and broke on the ground… no, that is still not bad enough. I looked through the grate to the research lab and saw these creatures in glass cages.