Conor MacAlister



Conor is Errol MacAlister’s older Brother. He is a Philladox Fianna. Last known he abandoned his pack and does not have another, running alone trying to escape them. When Conor was a young werewolf his pack Alpha, Donal Callahan, aligned his Pack with the IRA. Before Conor realized what he was connected to it was too late and he was stuck in the terrorist group. He would take whatever time he could to escape to the Umbra. While there he fell in love with Hova, a Dreamspeaker that he believed was the Spirit of the Wind. They only had one night together, a memory he always held onto. This one night of passion though resulted in a daughter, Cana Macalister. Now that there was someone else his world affected, Conor decided to leave his pack and his IRA connections. He went to the authorities giving them all the info on Donal and their plans in exchange for a new identity and resources to leave Ireland. He went to New York to find his brother, asking him to raise Cana until he could return for her. Errol agreed. Conor left to try to escape the danger he felt chasing him. He is alive, but all of his family has not heard from him in 17 years. They do not know his new name or where he is now or what he is doing, but he does dream of returning to them some day and having the life he can only wonder about now.

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Conor MacAlister

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